Monday, August 01, 2011

july river 31

family dinner
as night falls we rattle
a few skeletons


  1. Wow, this is loaded. No suprises I hope!

  2. It has been a real pleasure to visit and read your small stones, I am glad I discovered you in the river!

    I am continuing to share my captured moments and you are on my blogroll now so I look forward to continuing to visit and share your moments with you.

    Susannah x

  3. nice one; provocative

    much love...

  4. A very provocative poem that says so much...

  5. I enjoyed splashing in the river this month. Your stones are about your time with your guests have been lovely. I particularly like this last one. Families no where the fault lines are. Hopefully nobody was too shaken up. I also enjoyed your video about 30 day challenges - just wonderful.

  6. Thanks everyone for all the comments on my last stone of the month. It was lovely meeting you all and I know we'll keep in touch.

    The 31 days of the July River is over but I'm still keeping up with my 30 days of a daily swim.

    It seems that doing something for a month has the capacity to break and make habits.