Sunday, May 13, 2012

forgiving the rain due from Snapshot Press

all this green forgiving the rain

(first published by tiny words, 13.3.2008)

I never thought that one little haiku written in my head while driving along the motorway in the rain would end up being the title of a book... but it is and I am very happy.

forgiving the rain, my haibun collection, will be published by Snapshot Press in November 2012. Lovely.

Now to find a cover image that will serve the collection well.


  1. Thanks so much, Frank & Gillena. x

  2. Oh, forgot I had already commented. :) Well, it is good to remind myself of this forthcoming event.

  3. Thanks, Rosemary - again : ) I think I have a cover sorted now... I'll post that once it's definite!