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From 'Antibes Journal'

1. 55 years of marriage my dad falls asleep before we cut the cake My mother has angina, osteoporosis and Raynaud’s Syndrome. On the telephone her voice sounds broken, but she doesn’t know why. I am moving 1,000 miles away from my parents at a time in their life when they could need me more than ever. My mother will die before my father. Even though he is almost deaf he will move around the house listening for her. Sometimes he will call her name, then wait. 2. Moving house is no.5 on a list of stressful life events. I don’t think this includes moving to another country where you don’t speak the language, and so many ordinary things you’ve taken for granted – making phone calls, getting house and car insurance, or keys cut, knowing that the words you need to get through the day are already waiting for you to call on them – become small mountains to conquer, or at least to begin ascending. top ten stress busters smile exercise get enough rest and sleep positive thi