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KYSO Flash

Big thanks to Clare McQueen, Founding Editor of the dynamic and inspiring KYSO Flash online journal for publishing a selection of my haibun in the latest issue . There's also a call for submissions for haibun stories for the next two issues in June and November. Read more here. Stories once upon a time no one lived happily ever after Their kids loved the stairs. They’d only lived in ranch-style houses around South Florida before that summer of ’88 when we stayed with them for three months. When we all sat around the table for dinner every night, late into the night, where we laughed and told stories and gave each other Indian names: Walks like Worm, Flies Alone, Lies a Lot. “The two-storey house,” their kids still say when they talk about it, grown up now, some of them with kids of their own. It had an orange grove to one side, a kidney shaped swimming pool, a giant Melaleuca tree in the front yard. But it was the stairs they loved the most. At the end of that s

running haiku

run, expect nothing after stretching the gate creaks on its hinges worn tarmac I have forgotten where the joy lies sand drifts across the pavement I pick up the pace a wave of pebbles washed up along the shore laughter the road rises at a blind corner expect nothing half-way mark the way the sun and the sea dazzle each other between traffic and the crash of surf the seeds of umbrella pines in the shade at the water fountain there is nothing sweeter down-hill the scent of a man who passes me uphill the yellow stone of the old town across the bay another day the smell of coffee as I pass the bakery the final push home

Contemporary Haibun Online: where prose meets haiku poetry (CHO 10.4, January 2015)

The team of Bob Lucky, Lynne Rees and Ray Rasmussen are pleased to announce the release of Contemporary Haibun Online 10.4, January 2015, for your New Year's reading pleasure: a stimulating assortment of haibun, tanka prose, articles, commentary, and haibun news. Contributors include Mary Frederick Ahearn, Jose Araguz, Ludmila Balabanova,  Shelly Bryant, Alanna C. Burke, Carolyn Dancy, Marcyn Del Clements, Angelee Deodhar, Claire Everett, Ian Felton, James Fowler, Terri French, Ferris Gilli, Bill Gottlieb, Autumn Noelle Hall, Leslie Ihde, Kasturi Jadhav, Alexander Jankiewicz, Ryan Jessup, Roger D. Jones, Tricia Knoll, Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Chen-ou Liu, Doris Lynch, Fran Masat, Jonathan McKeown, Tom Painting, Marianne Paul,  Ray Rasmussen, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Melissa Watkins Starr, Jeff Streeby, Frank J. Tassone, Paresh Tiwari, Pat Tompkins, Diana Webb, and J. Zimmerman The Featured Writer this issue is Jim Kacian, and J. Zimmerman reviews A Japanese Perspectiv