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tiny words: big appreciation

It's always encouraging to have a haiku chosen for tiny words and satisfying to have comments of appreciation posted there too. But when someone takes the time to analyse and dissect your haiku with insight and eloquence, and share that response, then that makes your appearance in the online journal even more worthwhile. Many thanks to Strider, Haiku Apprentice at Learning Haiku by Reading and Doing  for taking the time to respond to my haiku on 31st July 2013 . tinted mirror what I think I believe -Lynne Rees 'Wow, another haiku poem that raises and sets me pondering philosophical issues. Or should I say, "confronting" those issues. Because the "mirror" mentioned in the work confronts us all every day, with apparent certainty. Who am I? What face do I present to the world? And for that matter, what is "the world"? This is literally an "existential" haiku! This poem seems to deliberately set up an echo to Descarte