Wednesday, January 11, 2012

river 2012 - 11

Do christmas cards count as cardboard or as paper recycling? Should they be in the green box, with the cans, or in the green bin with the cardboard packaging? It is sunrise. Through the winter trees the village looks like it could be on fire and the rest of us are watching in the dark. I decide on the green box. Part of me thinks, 'what does it matter?' while another part wants to get it right, this little thing that feeds into the bigger picture, the world beyond my life in this house where I feel safe.


  1. Life is full of such difficult problems. Me - I keep them for a year, make gift tags from the suitable ones and burn the remnants on the fire to extract their warming energy, it seems such a shame just to throw them out after friends have so thoughtfully chosen them!

  2. wow i'm a sentimentalist, i keep them stacks and stacks

    much love...